• Do you work in the Financial & Insurance industry?

    Our Financial & Insurance Planners Advisory Board is looking to fill vacant board seats with meeting professionals working with financial or insurance companies. Time commitment is an hour a month, with virtual board meetings occurring once every other month via Zoom through November 2020. Board members suggest relevant community education, resources and work with MPI staff to help chapter leaders engage with these communities locally.

    If you're interested in becoming a board member or learning more, email ksanders at If you're not interested in this volunteer opportunity, but you would like to engage with other members of this community, join the MyMPI forum for Financial & Insurance Planners.
  • What will meetings look like post-coronavirus?

    MPI is collaborating with the Event Industry Council on new standards that might be needed. But in the meantime, there is a need for us to understand how things are changing. We are creating a collaborative document where you can contribute your thoughts about what meetings will look like once we start meeting again. Please share your thoughts.
  • MPI: Your Trusted Resource

    Thank you for being part of the MPI Family. In times like these, it's really important to support each other and share information. MPI created a COVID-19 resource page that's updated daily with news feeds, education, stories, podcasts and more. Please use this MyMPI platform to communicate and share ways that we can help each other, share best practices and (depending on where you are) shelter in place until this crisis passes we can aid in the recovery efforts.
  • Upcoming Webinars & On-Demand Education

    Did you know that a primary benefit of membership is free webinars and on-demand content?

    For the most recent calendar of webinars, visit:

    To see upcoming virtual events (also free for members), visit:

    And you can use the menu tabs to find certificate courses and more. The search bar can also help you find clock-hour relevant education to help you renew or earn certifications.
  • Sign the Pledge to Eradicate Sexual Harrassment in Our Industry

    The Association for Women in Events (AWE), a not-for-profit organization supporting gender equality and diversity in the events industry, has joined forces with several industry leaders to combat sexual harassment. The task force, comprised of leaders and executives from ASAE, AWE, EIC, IMEX, JMIC, MPI, PCMA, SISO and SITE, was formed to gather everyone behind a common goal: eradicate sexual harassment in the events industry. Each of these groups have been addressing sexual harassment separately and determined that this issue required policies that span beyond the confines of each individual organization.

    The task force recognizes that when it comes to these ethical concerns and human rights, we are stronger together. Taking the pledge below represents your commitment and support in our shared mission of eradicating sexual harassment in the events and meeting industry.

  • Community Rules

    The purpose of this online forum is to help you connect with other MPI members, find communities of your peers with common interests and help you get your questions and needs answered in this powerful peer network. Asking questions, being respectful and contributing to the dialogue is cool. Posting spammy sales or marketing messages isn't compatible with this site's code of conduct. So resist the urge to sell on this site.
  • Find your community connection

    Did you know that we have online community forums for you to connect with like-minded individuals who work in the same industry verticals or have the same interests? The full list is here. Don't see one you need? Start it by clicking the green "Create a New Community" button, and then share its link in the All Members Forum and encourage others to join.
  • Lend your voice to our global committees and community advisory boards

    Apply now to serve on one of our international volunteer committees or community advisory boards and focus groups. Applications will be accepted through Oct 31 for the January-December 2020 board service year.

    International volunteer committees include Diversity & Inclusion, Rise Up, Chapter and Membership, and advisory councils for Canada, Europe and Latin America, among others.

    Community advisory boards include Safety & Security, MPI Women, Association Planners, Meeting Executives, Professional Development, etc. and focus groups for communities for groups such as Latinx, Asian and Black meeting professionals.

    Expected time commitment is 2-4 hours a month for boards and 1-2 hours a quarter for focus groups.
  • Have you completed your MPI Member Profile?

    If you haven't lately, please log into and update your profile and communication preferences. There's a brand new section under "MPI Global Communication Preferences" where you can opt-in to receive community-centric communications (or opt out of emails). This will ensure that you receive the information you want and can eliminate the ones you don't. Thanks!