• Site Moderation

    Dear MPI members:

    We've noticed a sharp increase in self-promotional posts. Because of that, we're going to go back to a fully moderated forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide our community a network of support, not a sea of advertisements. To keep the conversations here vibrant and useful, please familiarize yourself with our site's "Code of Conduct."

    These first two points of the code are why the majority of posts get caught in moderation and might not appear:
    • All responses should be of an educational tone that provide information or tips on how the individual can solve the challenge.
    • Any response which has a direct solicitation may be denied. Avoid using language which can sound like a solicitation, such as; "our services", "we are the best at... ", or "my business".

    Please take some time to read the code before posting. Thank you!