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    Good Afternoon Everyone! I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR YOUR PARTY! My company, Happy Hour Entertainment, produces cocktail comedy shows and we have one that is a HOLIDAY THEME! It's called HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR and is absolutely PERFECT for your upcoming...

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    Hi, I am just starting to work on my marketing plan for 2017 what are some good tradeshows and conferences to attend? Pam Gill | Sales Manager Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport 604-276-1952 |

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    Hi Linda, Another consideration. If you are hosting the leaning for both Millenials and others all together, why not do it in the style Millenials prefer - ie: in a hands-on way. We have a game called Fresh Biz, which is a business simulation....

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    Hi Richard, Two of the more popular ones e're seeing right now are "Building Community" and Superheros. ------------------------------ Sharon Fisher IdeaSparker Play With a Purpose

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    Richard - We always have themes for our conferences. Here are some I've used over the past 20 years. We're healthcare based so have used that word a couple of times. I usually tied in the decorations / gifts etc., into the them. Waves...

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